Itzik Dadia – Biography

Itzik Dadia was born 1993.

Already at the young age of 6, Itzik had a rare Musical talent and was considered a child prodigy. At that young age he was already invited to perform alongside with great Israeli singers of that time.

He performed for a brief period as part of the popular Children’s group “Kinderlach” and recorded several songs as well as a child. until his voice matured.

His recorded his first album “Am Israel Chai”  with the best Israeli writers and musicians, the likes of; Yossi Gispan, Adi Leon, Dudan Koma ,Tamir Tzur, Giuli Zakai, Eli Keshet, Doron Elimelech, Sharon Avilhak, and others.

Itzik has seven brothers and five sisters some of whom are musicians and lyricists.

A cult of fans follows him around at almost every appearance.

The Israeli media is fascinated by  Itzik and his Music and hundreds follow his blog.